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Software Solutions

Your business may already have print, copy, scan and fax capabilities but when you add a software solution to the equation, you'll create a transformational experience. We have a Software Solution for all your business needs.

DocuShare 7 Image One.jpeg

Anytime, Anywhere content access. User-friendly and customisable. Private and secured.

Kofax ControlSuite.jpg

Secure, govern and manage your documents with unified printing, document capture and workflow process automation.

Xerox Freeflow.jpg

Browser-based solution that automates the processing of print jobs. Operates easily, scales quickly & delivers consistently.

Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Captures your unstructured hard-copy documents in electronic format. Save money & time with EzeScan.

Discussing the Numbers

Reduce print costs. Allocate printing to departments. Report on usage. Use with any platform or device.

Cloud Service Hub.jpg

Integrates multiple cloud systems with a standard interface when collaborating & managing information. 

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