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Botan Range

The Botan range includes the ApeosPort & DocuCentre series VII devices. This range is designed to accelerate your business forward, removing technological barriers to allow you greater flexibility to work the way you want to work.


The entire user experience has been redefined, from its clever interactive touch screen and intelligent automated processes, to its seamless integration with cloud services and security features, allowing you powerful control over the creation and distribution of physical and digital documents.


The ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII series is at the heart of your pathway to realise enhanced business operability and scalability helping you excel today and stay ready for the future. The range has market leading technological advanced features some of which we have highlighted below.


C7773 / C6673 / C5573 / C4473 / C3373 / C3372 / C2273


C5573 / C4473 / C3373 / C3372 / C2273
apeosport cv11.png

The future of productivity is connectivity


Botan Range Highlights

  • Brand new Quad Core - 2 Gig Hz Processor / Controller - This is the fastest processor found in any Multi Function Device & allows for super-fast file processing especially in today’s busy office when we all rely on 1 x multi-function system with ever-growing file sizes.

  • Enhanced NFC mobility access - Our personal favourite! This allows each user to create and quickly access their frequently used settings with a single IOS or Android device touch on the fly. Eliminating time spent at the device. Workflows can be configured on the staff members mobile device, which they are already familiar with, via the new Portable UI for Business app (free & included). Watch the video below:

  • New Audible Soft Sounds - The device cleverly uses light and sound to notify the user of it's state. A gentle sound is easily heard over office noise, changing to correctly notify the user of a completed job. The center tray area is equipped with a sensor – a soft blue light flashes while printing and stays lit when printing is completed, signifying a job ready for collection. Watch the video below:

  • Remote Console Assistance - Customer Support operators can remotely access a user’s device to view the control panel. This allows the operator to guide the user through procedures using the ‘Guiding Pointer’ and ‘Pen’ functions while viewing the customer’s control panel remotely.

  • Soft & silent, retractable paper trays - Paper trays are equipped with a retracting mechanism that gently closes the tray without pushing it in all the way.

  • New LED technology- Both scan head as well as print engine. The quality is now 2400dpi which is the highest available in any device. Most importantly, LED is over 80% more power efficient than traditional Laser technology. It only consumes 1.3W of power in sleep mode!

  • Airprint certified- Allows an IOS (iPhone or iPad) to connect to the devices WITHOUT the need of drivers or external apps, (similar to Airplay).

  • 72% quieter than your previous model - This is extremely important as the unit sits in an open plan office. Xerox’s have always been quiet, now they are almost silent running.

  • 300GSM card stock printing on BOTAN - Labels can be loaded into a tray now. Now handles 300GSM duplex printing.

  • Smart Energy Management Technology - Our innovative Smart Energy Management Technology reduces energy usage by only activating the functions required by the user. What’s more, you will enjoy a much quieter office environment. So, if you walk up and just need to scan a document, the print engine stays asleep saving power & warm up time.

  • Large 10 inch UI - Same design / concept as iPad or tablet technology. Watch the video below:

  • Change Language - There are 8 languages embedded into the new BOTAN and staff may quickly and easily jump between for those multi-lingual offices.

  • Faxing - simultaneous send and store of faxes- When sending a fax document, the new system allows the document to be captured in one operation and send as an email or scanned to a PC folder eliminating multiple steps. (Requires optional Fax Function). Watch the video below:

  • 360° Data Security - World Class Technology- incorporates the most stringent of security features to combat the significant threats facing the entire information management life cycle. Starting at device level with document creation, to setting access rights for document sharing both internally and externally, to creating potential backup plans for all scanned documents for business continuity planning. Supports new SMB V3.0 & new TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Encryption chip certified to ISO 15408.

  • Mobile access > anywhere, anytime Mobile workers can conveniently print directly from their mobile device, such as an iPhone®, iPad® or Android-based smartphones by simply downloading the “Print Utility for iOS or Android” application from the App Store. Whether they’re travelling or working between offices, users will be able to print PDF documents, HTML emails and JPG image files.

  • Staff on-the-go can now print anywhere using Google Cloud Print™ The BOTAN series is designed to support Google Cloud Print™, which lets GMail™ and Google Docs™ users print from mobile devices like iPhone®, iPad®, or even a PC. Google Cloud Print™ lets you print documents over an Internet connection without downloading printer drivers. Google Cloud Print™ is a new technology that connects the multi-function device to the web. Using Google Cloud Print™, you can make the MFD available to you and anyone you choose, from the applications being used every day.

  • Blank page removal from scan files - blank pages can be removed from mixed single side and double side documents, eliminating blank scans

  • Affordable pricing includes delivery, installation & training.

  • Single point of contact for the Xerox systems - 1 phone call for all supplies or service- 24/7.

  • High compression is available - A normal colour page scans at approximately 2.5 Meg. It is only 178kb with the advanced scan kit *. This saves valuable storage space and better bandwidth when needing to email or distribute electronically.

  • With the optional Advanced Scan kit*- device can OCR (Optical Character Recognise) the scan to create a Text searchable PDF rather than just an image only PDF.

  • Dual Head Scanner - Non-standard size scanning and dual head scanning captures both sides in a single pass. No document flipping is involved greatly eliminating misfeeds or paper jams. This allows documents to be scanned at between 160 up to 270 impressions per minute (depending on system). Watch the video below:

  • Banner Printing to 1200mm x 320mm (on the Botan)

  • Envelope & Postcard Printing - New Envelope & postcard tray (Optional) may be inserted allowing bulk envelopes or postcards to be printed directly from the Fuji Xerox device.

  • Embedded Online Help menus & quick QR code look up - You can commence a “help look up” on the device and then via a QR code open the same help screen online on your mobile device allowing you to step by step work through solution.​

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