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Wide Format Printers

Our range of Wide Format Printers is customisable to your specific business requirements. Our range is designed to ensure your business is hugely productive and cost-effective while providing superior quality print results.

Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 Feature One.jpg

Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600

Best in-class productivity. Fujifilm wide-format printers offer you the latest breakthroughs in digital imaging technology.

Printing Speed: 355 ft²/hr

Epson SureColor T3200 Feature Four.jpg

Epson SureColor SC-T3200

The Epson SureColor SC-T3200 is designed for business environments and can be purchased in either a desktop or floor-standing configuration. With the ability to print an A1 image in as little as 28 seconds this machine will help to increase cost-effectiveness in your business.

Epson SureColor P7070 Feature One.jpeg

Epson SureColor P7070

Max Print Width: 24 inch (610mm) wide

Max Sheet Size: A1+

Max Resolution: 2880 x 1440dpi

Epson SureColor SC-T3200 Image One.jpg

Epson SureColor SC-T5200

The Epson SureColor SC-T5200 is designed for enterprise and corporate environments and features all front-loaded consumables with dual rolls. With the ability to print an A0 image in as little as 50 seconds this machine will help to increase productivity and efficiency.

Epson SureColor P9070 Feature Three.jpg

Epson SureColor P9070

Representing peak design in color printing with superb resolution and an incredible color gamut the EPSON SureColor P9070 is built to deliver exceptional results. 

Epson SureColor SC-T7200 Feature Two.jpg

Epson SureColor SC-T7200

The Epson SureColor SC-T7200 is designed for business and corporate environments and is able to produce large-format colour and black-and-white images, economically and at high speed. The SC-T7200 also has the impressive ability to print a B0 image in as little as 70 seconds.

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