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Document Management

The majority of businesses underestimate the amount they're really spending on document management. They also don't realise the various inefficiencies that are affecting their productivity and using up IT resources.

Document Management is about freeing your staff from heavy document-based functions such as accounts payable processing and enabling them to focus on high-value tasks. It's about moving towards a digital work environment, accessing previously completed documents or total company debt at the touch of a button. Repetitive tasks can be completed with workflow management.

Does your business need a Workflow Assessment?

Do you know how much you print or copy? Most companies don't. The first step to getting the right equipment is conducting a Workflow Assessment.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your business needs a Workflow Assessment:

  1. “An average employee prints $600 to $1,300 worth of documents each year” – many of those documents are printed accidentally and immediately thrown away. Source: GreenPrint Study

  2. Conducting a Workflow Assessment is the first step to digitisation – find out how to eliminate paper based business processes and improve your team's efficiency and effectiveness.

  3. Increase print cost visibility, improve office asset management, and reduce expenses. “Hard, visible costs are only about 10% of the total document cost.” Source: ALL Associates Group.

  4. Never automate a bad workflow. We work with you to identify and automate the most efficient business document processes for you.

  5. Most businesses don’t give document management the attention it deserves. As a result, companies end up with unnecessary expenses less productive users.

  6. Navigate workflow to develop relevant, enterprise-wide print and workflow strategies that reap measurable productivity benefits and cost-savings results requires guidance and experience.

  7. In short: there’s lots of room for improvement!


What can you expect from a Workflow Assessment?

Expect a positive impact on efficiency, expense, and responsiveness. From initial Print/Workflow Assessments to more comprehensive Print/Workflow Audits, FX  BSI has found that significant improvement opportunities and cost-savings can be identified for most organisations when it comes to leveraging their office equipment-based technology. A Workflow Strategy can reap measurable benefits and cost-savings results.


How to request your Workflow Assessment?

Before you can start optimising your print environment and managing it in a simpler, more efficient way, you have to be able to assess its current state.


Getting started really comes down to answering a few questions to help us determine the scope of your document management needs. Complete the Workflow Assessment Request Form and we will be in contact to arrange a time to discuss document management in detail with you.

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