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EzeScan for FUJIFILM

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EzeScan Overview

EzeScan is a powerful batch scanning tool, which automates information capture activities within an organisation to enable increased levels of document workflow efficiency, with integration into many well-known back-end systems. Using EzeScan, documents scanned or received at any FX Business Solutions device are automatically processed as per predefined workflow.

There is also no scanning click charge when using EzeScan. Scan as many pages per day as your physical hardware will let you.

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Enterprise-Level Management

This is made possible through the use of advanced data recognition technologies including: 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows EzeScan to read and recognise computer-generated characters

  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) allows EzeScan to read and recognise handwritten characters

  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) allows EzeScan to recognise marks placed in check boxes

  • Bar Code Recognition (BCR) allows EzeScan to recognise barcodes

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EzeScan Benefits

  • Captures your unstructured hard-copy documents in electronic format

  • Saves money, EzeScan lowers  your scanning deployment costs

  • Buy only the modules you need, upgrade to other modules later

  • Deploy your scanners anywhere (mailroom, department, workgroup, or to every desktop)

  • Scan as many pages as you like without incurring extra transaction-based license fees

  • Minimise your training costs with this simple, set and forget easy to use application


System Requirements:

  • Intel™ Core i7 3.06 GHz i7-950 or AMD equivalent processor.

  • 8GB Ram.

  • 250GB SSD.

  • 1000 Mbps Ethernet (for network scanners or to store to EDRMS / network repositories)

  • A video controller with at least 512MB RAM.

  • Monitor supporting at least 1600 x 1280 pixel resolution.


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