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FujiFilm Versant 3100i Printing Press

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Exceptional Performance

Maximisation of Printer Productivity with GX Print Server 2. Processes high capacity jobs rapidly at high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, 10 bit. It handles variable printing and other high capacity jobs effortlessly and fully maximises the high productivity of the printer.

Text and images are automatically determined and managed in object units. High image quality jobs of large data capacity are processed at high speed while retaining image quality and suppressing the capacity.

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New Proprietary Technology

The newly developed Air Suction Feeder uses an air suction method to handle paper. With our proprietary shuttle head shape and mechanism that draws up the paper strongly using a small amount of air, it easily separates and delivers various paper types sheet by sheet efficiently.

This mechanism improves feed performance for paper types where traditional feed methods cause stress, such as paper with a lot of paper dust, pre-printed paper for offset printing using powder, paper with uneven texture, and coated paper that is prone to sticking

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Incredible Versatility

The high-performance print engine achieves excellent productivity of 100 ppm*1. Image quality adjustment is also optimised during changing of paper and there is almost no downtime when printing mixed jobs*2 of coated and uncoated paper. High utilisation rate is achieved. The new Air Suction Feeder also prints long paper of 330 x 1200 mm at16 ppm. Long paper printing is 2.5 times*3 faster (in-house comparison).


Printing Speed (A4):

100 pages per minute

Paper Size:

52 to 300 gsm, A4


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