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Revoria Press E1136 / E1125 / E1100

Revoria Press E1136 _ E1125 _ E1100 Feature Three.jpg

Exceptional print quality

  • 2400x2400 DPI high-resolution printing by drawing images simultaneously with 32 laser beams.

  • EA-Eco LGK toner allowing for high-image quality

  • A high-quality design ensures stability in paper transfer.

  • Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) is installed for optimal adjustment, you can just print and scan the calibration chart.

Revoria Press E1136 _ E1125 _ E1100 Feature One.jpg

Productivity & Stability

Newly developed Air Suction Feeder. The shuttle head draws up the paper strongly using a small amount of air, it easily separates and delivers each sheet efficiently. This even improves the feed performance of paper with a lot of paper dust, pre-printed paper using powder, paper with uneven texture, and coated paper that is prone to sticking. Stable and high-speed feed is achieved for various paper types, from lightweight to heavyweight, small-sized paper and long paper.

Revoria Press E1136 _ E1125 _ E1100 Feature Two.jpg

Streamlined print workflow

  • The efficiency of printing operations can be improved by grouping jobs having the same properties. It brings improved productivity and shorter turnaround with short-run printing of a wide variety of contents.

  • The efficiency of booklet making operation can be improved by using barcodes for post-processor.


Printing Speed (A4):

Up to 136 ppm

Paper Size:

A3, SRA3, A4, A5, A6


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