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Fuji Xerox Australia is built on foundations of ethics and integrity, where sustainability in its broadest sense underpins our business. These foundations contribute to our position as a market leader - ensuring the longevity and profitability of our business, so we can continue to provide rewarding opportunities for our people, sound solutions for our customers, returns for our shareholders, minimise our impact on the planet and add value to society.

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Fuji Xerox and environmental sustainability

Corporate commitment
Climate change has put environmental sustainability high on both corporate and government agendas. The Fuji Xerox focus on customers, quality and environmental performance means that we have been addressing some key principles of corporate sustainability for some time.

Environmental sustainability is well embedded in our business, thanks to a long-standing commitment to environmentally responsible product design, an extended producer responsibility program that is second to none, and ISO-certified environmental site management


Helping customers become more sustainable
We are also committed to work with our customers to help them improve their own environmental performance. We believe strategies to achieve a more environmentally sound integrated document solutions should also support organisation objectives for reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency.


Our equipment features energy efficient enhancements and our document software and digital technologies can reduce paper usage. Our services enable clients to improve the efficiency of document intensive business processes and optimise their equipment infrastructure to save costs and cut carbon emissions.

Energy efficient equipment

Fuji Xerox products have won theJapan Energy Conservation Awardsfor eleven consecutive years – weremain the only company in ourindustry to have been awarded onsuch a consistent basis.

Our new Botan Range of devices (DocuCentre-VII C2273 to the ApeosPort-VII C7773) released in early 2019 feature smart energy management technology as standard. This innovative technology reduces energy usage by only activating the functions required by the user. What's more you will enjoy a much quieter office environment. So, if you walk up and just need to scan a document, the print engine stays asleep saving power and warm up time.


Environmental footprint calculator
Fuji Xerox has developed a footprint tool that helps our customers gain a better understanding of the environmental sustainability benefits of the office optimisation process by comparing baseline and optimised office operations metrics. The tool takes a lifecycle approach to estimating the overall environmental impact of a company’s document technologies, spanning raw material extraction, manufacturing of equipment, consumables and packaging, use, solid waste generation and end-of-life.

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