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B9136 / B9125 / B9110 / B9100 Copier and Printer

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Exceptional print quality

  • 2400x2400 DPI high-resolution printing by drawing images simultaneously with 32 laser beams.

  • EA-Eco LGK toner allowing for high-image quality

  • A high-quality design ensures stability in paper transfer.

  • Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) is installed for optimal adjustment, you can just print and scan the calibration chart.

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Broad spectrum versatility

​This device can handle a wide range of paper weights from lightweight paper of 52 gsm to heavyweight paper of 350 gsm. The upper limit of heavyweight paper has been extended thanks to the review of the paper path design and employing the control mechanism that automatically switches fusing roll pressure between two levels. Not only that, it allows fine control to extend the support range of coated paper and specialty paper*1.

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Streamlined print workflow

  • The efficiency of printing operations can be improved by grouping jobs having the same properties. It brings improved productivity and shorter turnaround with short-run printing of a wide variety of contents.

  • The efficiency of booklet making operation can be improved by using barcodes for post-processor.


Printing Speed (A4):

Up to 136 ppm

Paper Size:

A3, SRA3, A4, A5, A6


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