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FujiFilm Apeos
C8180, C7580 & C6580

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Promote in-house Print Production

Supports a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses, and can create a variety of deliverables. You can easily create flyers, business cards, and posters to expand your business.


Supports a wide range of sizes from postcards to long paper (330 x 1300 mm*1) while also supporting a wide range of thicknesses from 52 gsm lightweight paper to 350 gsm*2 cardstock paper

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Centralised Cloud Integration

Cloud Service Hub* allows single sign-on to multiple cloud storage services.

  • The specific storage location can be assigned for scanned documents directly from the multifunction device

  • Searching documents from multiple cloud services is supported

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World First Technology

LED printheads, which are compact and have high image quality, have evolved to be sharper and higher definition.

  • Thin emitting light to write the image

  • High resolution of 2400 dpi and digital magnification correction

    The exposure unit does not vibrate because there is no drive mechanism


Printing Speed (A4):
Up to 81 pages per minute (Colour & Mono)
Up to 270 pages per minute (Scan)

Paper Size:

Paper Size: 100 x 148 mm to 330 x 1300 mm

* Sizes for printing.


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